26 July 2009

This 'n that 'n bric 'n brac 'n things

The title of this post is a borrowed line shouted by the incomparable Jennifer Saunders as her character Edina Monsoon in the funniest sit-com ever, Absolutely Fabulous. Ab Fab has its own channel on YouTube if you'd like a refresher on all things Patsy and Edina.

Anyhow, in my meanderings through the Internet every day, I come across all kinds of things that I think are funny or interesting. Most of them have nothing to do with my niche and the ones that do wouldn't make good posts for whatever reason.

So let me empty out my bookmarks on this fine Sunday morning. Here goes.

OK, this video swept across the wide expanse of the web last week and on the off chance that you missed it, the is the wedding video that has everybody talking.


At the beginning of summer, the great City of New York opened a new park and with it came a whole new definition of what a park is.

The High Line was a freight railway that ran on an elevated bed from the Meatpacking District to Hell's Kitchen on the West Side. It was built in the early 1900s and was officially de-activated in the 1980s. It was never torn down and was allowed to turn into an elevated grassland that was blocked off from the rest of the city. Fast forward about 20 years and it's now been cleaned up, replanted and turned into the world's first elevated, linear park. The High Line park has its own website and it tells the history and future of this great new resource for the people of New York. It's also one more thing to love about the de facto capital of the world.


Gary: Landlord of the Flies, is a blog written by a man named Gabe. Gabe is embroiled in a security deposit dispute with his landlord Gary. Gary's not the brightest of men, but he is one profane, racist homophobe. Because Gary has proved himself to be beyond reason, Gabe started a blog to document the carryings-on of his landlord Gary.

Gabe's posts have to be read to be believed. His blog is filled with obscenity laden voicemails and all other manner of ridiculousness exhibited by Gary. Read it and be grateful for your living arrangements.


The girls at the Mogg Blog are where I turn when I need a design-related laugh. To wit:

Only the Mogg Blogg... And thank God for them.


If you're looking for some timeless housekeeping and grocery tips, this is for you.


Florida has an introduced iguana problem to go with its introduced python problem and its introduced water monitor problem. Not to mention its walking catfish problem, Brazilian Pepper problem or any other problem out of the thousands of problems caused by the wanton importation and release of non-native, invasive species.

Something else Florida has in great supply is men and women who are quick to exploit an opportunity to make a buck. Floridians' resourcefulness and general willingness to discard what's expected is one of the many reasons I love living here. Along those lines, a quick thinker in nearby Sarasota has stumbled upon what could be a goldmine. With it comes a bad pun I'm powerless not to use. I'm calling this video from the St. Petersburg Times, "Iguana eat an iguana."


Finally, the Paint Quality Institute has an enormous amount of information on it on topics that range from the essentials of color theory to what are the hot paint colors right now. It is well worth reading and smart people will bookmark it for later reference.


  1. Well, your restaurant review the other day left me with no option but to shout from the rooftops "America may have talent, but this guy has more!"

    Now that I can read your stories in the form of Where the Sweet Olive Grows I can begin to heal from the trauma associated with your departure. Oh how I've suffered Peaches. Oh! However, I have managed to channel my "all is woe" woe into renewed efforts as a baker. My breads are becoming legendary and I think you'd approve. That gender dysphoric bitch with a bread maker's got nothing on me.

  2. She is and always has been appalling. I may try my hand at bread-baking this week. Just a nice pullman loaf suitable for toasting and lavishing with butter and jam. A Morello cherry conserve, I think.

  3. My baguette recipe is my post from 5 July. I've dispensed with the loaf pans completely and am free-forming it exclusively. I'll never go back to being boxed in by a loaf pan. That baguette recipe yields a substantial loaf and I form them so that they are fat enough to slice for sandwiches or toast.

    In fact, I roasted a rump roast yesterday, sliced it into fat slices, made a pan gravy and then made open face roast beef sandwiches atop my own sliced bread last night. It was so good it left me in tears. Practically.


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