16 July 2009

Give me more Mosaic Art Now!

On 26 June I wrote about an organization called Mosaic Art Now. Mosaic Art Now is a publication as well as a web presence and my first issue arrived two weeks ago. Wow. Mosaic Art Now is a four-color, 76-page survey of the best and brightest in the world of contemporary, fine mosaics. It's sitting on my coffee table, but it never stays there for long. I find myself picking it up and reading through it whenever I need a break of a lift.

Mosaic Art Now is edited by Bill Buckingham, Nancie Mills Pipgras and Michael Welch; three people with a passion for the subject that's as palpable as it is contagious. The publication is heavy on photography, gloriously reproduced photography. In fact the bulk of the pages are given to a gallery of fine art mosaics. In it, there are more than 30 pages of unbridled mosaic love. Add to that gallery a good mix of artist profiles and a really thorough mosaic marketplace and the result is a great resource and a welcome addition to my collection art books.

Mosaic Art Now, the publication, is available through their website for $12.95. If you're a fan of this at once ancient and modern art form, order a copy.

Here are some highlights form the gallery. Follow the individual links back to the artists' websites and support these artists!

Truth and Beauty Series #2 by Rachel Sanger, Rachel Sanger Mosaics

Night Shirt by Julie Richey, Julie Richey Mosaics

The Phoenix by Grace Bowers, Amazing Grace Mosaics

Dreamer by Carole Choucair Oueijan, Carole Choucair Oueijan Original Mosaics and Oils

Leonardo by Laura Rendlen, Laura Rendlen Fine Mosaics


  1. I NEED that portrait of Leonardo DaVinci.

  2. yes, the leonardo is un-freakin-believable.

  3. Sara: That Leonardo is brilliant and then some. It's almost like a gesture drawing in tesserae. I knew immediately who it was when I saw the image. Check out the rest of Laura Rendlen's website. Do you know Nancie and the rest of the gang at Mosaic Art Now?

  4. Paul -- Thank you so much for saying so many nice things about our magazine. And special thanks for not just showcasing some of our artists, but providing links to their websites as well. You are a gentleman, a scholar, and from what I hear, a dang good cook! If folks want to learn a little more about what we're about, they can check out our blog at http://mosaicartnow.blogspot.com or our Facebook Page "Mosaic Art Now". Grazie!

  5. WOW! I'm thrilled and thunderstruck and just plain tickled fushia to be picked out of such a fantastic publication by such a fabulous gentleman! I thank you very much! In addition to some commissions, I am busy this summer giving flight to a seagull, trying to get a lost woman's soul to emerge from a piece of diamond willow, and doing a rendition of Marilyn Monroe. My dad took a pic of her in Korea, and I have been working her over with tesserae. She was a beauty. The piece is 26" x 26". Thanks again for the recognition of "Phoenix Rising". Grace Blowers www.amazinggracemosaics.com

  6. Nancie, spreading the word about Mosaic Art Now is one of my life's great pleasures these days. Seriously. You guys showcase some amazing talent and if I can help generate some interest, it's an honor to do so.

    Grace, speaking of honors, it's an honor to have your comment here. I love your work, there's a playful thoughfulness to it that draws me right in. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself through it.

  7. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. I also am honored and thrilled that you chose Leonardo to post from all the glorious mosaics in the magazine. The comments are delightful and I thank you all for your kind words. Sometimes I feel I am working in a vacuum and this kind of feedback validates my existence.The internet is an amazing thing and it is great that we can share in this way.I have been busy earning a certification to teach mosaics through the Chicago Mosaic School. I urge anyone interested in learning more about mosaics to come there. They bring in the masters in our field from all over he world and the workshops are incredible.
    Thanks again for your kind recognition

  8. Thanks for the comment Laura, your work's amazing and running that image was an honor. As soon as I saw it in MAN I knew I had to use it in some capacity. I've never seen anything so simple yet complex. Brava! Good luck a the Chicago Mosaic School.


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