06 July 2009

Dateline Louisville

Well I made it in one piece. My gracious hosts from GE have put me up in the 21C Hotel in downtown Louisville and I am impressed mightily.

my room

This is a fantastic neighborhood, and this hotel is one of the most interesting places I've ever stayed. It's a hotel that's also an art museum, and it's chock full of real, good, compelling, contemporary art. This is the real deal, not some schlock grabbed up by a hotel to seem artsy. This places is curated and it's obvious.

the lobby

Even my room has original art in it. Bravo Louisville! And bravo 21C. I'll take some photos and write more about this place tomorrow after I've had a better chance to explore it. But for now, this day's done. I was just informed at dinner that my day starts tomorrow morning at 7:45 with breakfast at GE. Oy! Don't get me wrong, I like to be up pretty early, but up and ambulatory are two completely different things.


  1. Looks like a cool place to spend the night!

  2. It's really a cool place. I may have to come back to Louisville on my own time and explore it in greater depth. But for now, it's all about the serious business of GE Monogram appliances.

  3. Nice :-) I really like the brick wall in your room :-)

    Have fun!!


  4. Oh I am so jealous! Have fun, Paul - you deserve it!


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