24 July 2009

See what Delta can do

In January of '09 a couple of people started a conversation in my comments section about pull out sprayers. In the course of that exchange, the great Laurie Burke from Kitchen Design Notes brought up Delta's new MagnaTite™ docking system for pull outs. That little pearl of wisdom led to my post on 16 January, MagnaTite Docking from Delta. I pride myself on being up on the latest and greatest innovations in my industry, but I have to say that the MagnaTite™ system caught me by surprise.

I dug around a bit and as I was writing that original post everything I read and learned led me to the conclusion that Delta was really onto something. I was impressed then and I remain impressed now. It's a great idea and I can't believe no one's ever thought of this before. Kudos to Delta for being the first.

One of Delta's models, the Pilar, is a particularly well-designed faucet and it features the MagnaTite™ system. The Pilar also features Delta's Touch2O™ technology, and that's another triumph for Delta. I'll write more about Delta's Touch2O™ on Monday.

For now though, the Pilar is all I want to write about. I'm really struck by this faucet. I mean, look at it. It's really beautiful and elegant. Ordinarily, I'm all about Kohler if I'm in this price point, but the Pilar is making me re-think that single handedly

Clearly, I'm not alone in this appreciation of Delta's Pilar. In the last month and a half, Delta has won two industry awards for it and the Pilar deserves every accolade it gets.

The first is an MVP from Building Products Magazine. Delta's MVP was one of 21 products honored across eight categories relating to home construction and renovation. The second award is a 2009 Stevie® in the “New Product or Service of the Year – Manufacturing” category at the 7th annual American Business Awardssm, held in June 22. These awards add two more voices who have joined the chorus of praise for the Pilar. Keep it up Delta, keep up the good work.

By now, I'm sure you've seen this new TV spot from Delta introducing their Touch2O™ technology. Tune in Monday and I'll explain what it is, how it works and why it's so cool. Oh and by the way, that's a Pilar in action in this ad.


  1. Cool!! Does it come in copper?!

    I love the name you submitted for the painting in our giveaway -- but you missed the part about how the name has to be one word!! Come back and submit another one-word name -- I'm sure you'll come up with something great :-)


  2. Oh Paul, sorry to stifle you!! :-( But the one-word title isn't our rule -- the artist gives all his paintings one-word names, and you don't want to mess with an artist!! ;-)


  3. So I re-submitted a one-word entry. It would make a great name and I thank you for the chance to amuse myself. Now about those Delta faucets... So far as I know, Delta doesn't have a copper finish for the Pilar. They do however have a Ventian Bronze finish coming that has copper highlights.

  4. Okay......I was going to ask at least two questions about it, but I will tune back in for your Monday post.

  5. Ask away Brenda, I have the ear of Delta's Marketing Department and they'll answer anything I can't. Have a great weekend too.

  6. ok this might be a dumb question but ... can cats turn it on?

  7. Great question Adrienne. All will be revealed don Monday. The short answer is no by the way.


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