17 July 2009

Everything's in transition

I work with the most talented tradespeople in the universe. This is from a jobsite I visited last night. At issue was a 45 degree transition between a Brazilian cherry floor in a dining room and a tile floor in the kitchen. The floors planks are set in a straight line and the tile's on the diagonal. I could have just run a 45 degree cherry threshold between the two rooms. I could have. But this is in an open floor plan home and this transition is pretty exposed. I hate 45 degree angles in architecture with a passion so hot I'm afraid I'll be consumed by it some day. There was no way in hell any floor I had anything to do with was getting a diagonal threshold.

So I took a Sharpie and drew and S-curve on the floor before either the wood or the tile went in. "There," I said, "That's what I want this transition to look like."

The flooring guy looked at me like I was possessed. I wanted the threshold to be made out of wood, but how do you put curves in a flat piece of wood? "I got it," Mr. Flooring Guy assured me. He said it with such a haughty confidence that I went right along. I love it, he didn't question my idea and I didn't question his skill. I call that synergy.

Anyhow, he made this threshold out of a solid strip of cherry and it is a thing of such rare beauty that I had to photograph it and run it here.

How to transition between materials in a floor can pose a problem some times. To my way of thinking, if there's some aspect of a room you'd like to have go away (like a 45 degree transition between flooring materials) draw attention to it. Making it look like it's there on purpose sets a tone, a bravado, that no one will ever question.

This project is in final punch out and will be fully complete in another week or so. I will run some photos of the whole thing once it's finished.


  1. hot Hot HOT! Is Mr. Flooring Man single?

  2. I'm glad you like that; I was worried that no one would understand what I showing here. So far as the flooring guy's marital status goes, let me look into it and get back to you.

  3. Man, that's a thing of beauty. I don't know if the average homeowner understands just how talented your flooring installer is. That's not installation; that's craftwork.

    So much fun when you have good teamwork...

  4. Thank you Kelly. The homeowners in this case sure know what a talent they had working on their project. I have been making a huge fuss over the level of expertise demonstrated in that threshold that I think it's become their favorite aspect of the job.

  5. I can't blame you for wanting to share this threshold with your blog readers... it really is fantastic! Stunning in fact!!

    You asked about whether I liked living with the vessel sink in our bathroom and if I'd use one again... I wasn't crazy about this particular sink because it was so deep... because I'm a shorty, the lip of this sink came up to my chest! It would have worked better on a different vanity. BUT... I would definitely use a shallower one in future. In fact, I'm seriously considering one for my upstairs bathroom... IF we ever get to that particular renovation!!!

    Hope you're well...

  6. Victoria, I'll agree with you that it is stunning. However, it can't hold a candle to the bifurcated arch you and your husband built in your house. I look back at that from time to time when I need a lift. I'm not pulling your leg either.

    Interesting about the vessel sink though. I have a feeling you have your hands full right now, considering the back hoe in your yard. I'll be interested to watch as you take on another bath when the time comes though.

  7. Love, love, love THIS! Sometimes it is a matter of finding the 'right' trades person to achieve something out of the ordinary. When requested, most of them look at you as though you are from another planet. :)

    My Father always said "damn it, nothing is impossible" and you know....now that I have matured into to 'a worldly woman of wisdom' (ha, ha) by God he was right!

    Waiting anxiously to see the completion. Thanks for sharing this Paul.

  8. Thanks Brenda and yes, your Father was right.

  9. Brilliant design and brilliant execution. I love thinking outside the box!!


  10. Thanks Kelly, wait 'til you see the whole thing.

  11. sexy! - I'm left to question how it was done -- (and how it'll hold up). All the same -- thanks for sharing it Paul & This is simply gold -- "To my way of thinking, .... no one will ever question." and no1uno didn't question it. Thinkin' It's been awhile but -- great posting Paul -- Bravo!

  12. wow . . . how did I get to post from 2009? anyway.. good stuff! ok to be a little late to the party?


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