02 June 2009

Thank you Jamie Goldberg!

Due to a recommendation by my colleague and pal Jamie Goldberg, I was selected to attend this year's GE Experience at GE's Experience Center in Louisville, KY. The GE Experience is an invitation-only, two-day presentation and training session. Here's GE's description from their website:
A theatre for the senses, the Monogram Experience Center is a 9,000-sq.-ft. complex filled with an array of stimulating and appealing spaces - all designed to showcase the latest in Monogram appliance innovation. Among the highlights is a professional culinary studio, where guests have a unique opportunity to prepare meals with a gourmet chef. Guests can also find something delicious to savor in the wine-tasting room, a facility that elevates the art of wine to state of the art. A showcase gallery with full multimedia capabilities provides further insights into the remarkable design and performance potential of Monogram appliances.

After a full day of sensory indulgence, guests can retreat to rooms at 21C, which was named a 2006 Hotel of the Year by The New York Times.
So on July 6th, my new pals at GE Appliances are flying me and a handful of other lucky souls to Louisville where we'll be feasted, feted and trained in all things GE Monogram. We get to cook in the GE Monogram kitchen theater under the tutelage of GE's chefs, and that has me more exited than anything. This is an honor and I'd like to thank the gang at GE as well as the brilliant and lovely Jamie Goldberg.

Jamie's on her way to New York this week to investigate a number of kitchen and bath showrooms. Jamie's going to write a guest post here where she'll report some of the highlights of her trip. Stay tuned and thank you again Jamie. Check out Jamie's blog, she does a great job.


  1. Gotta love a promise of sensory indulgence...

  2. Tell me about it. I wonder if a mani pedi is on the menu...

  3. I love the phrase "sensory indulgence."

    About the same time you are attending this conference, my new GE Monogram speedcook oven (an Advantium - ZSC2202) and my new GE Monogram wall oven (ZET1) with full extension gliding racks, will be installed in my new kitchen. :)

  4. make that zsc2201. I forgot, I switched styles because I wanted the accessory storage drawer underneath the advantium. 2202 doesn't have that option, 2201 does.

  5. Write a review of those things once you get them installed Rachele, I'd love to hear what you think about them after you start using them.

  6. Good for you! I cannot wait to read you post about your experience.


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