12 June 2009

Jewel glass mosaics from New Ravenna

New Ravenna Mosaics, whom you may remember from a post a couple of weeks ago, launched a new line of glass mosaics at Coverings in Chicago this year.

Under the guidance of the Mosaic Muse herself, Sara Baldwin, New Ravenna is taking glass tile into places and expressions where its never been before.

I get it that I have a tendency to gush and I've never met a mosaic I didn't love. Well, almost. But these patterns are really something else.

Nobody is pushing the envelope with glass mosaics like this, and I mean nobody.

These designs are thoroughly, classically inspired but at the same time, they are unapologetically new. If you took the decorative mastery of Rome and Byzantium, then ran it through the studios of Louis Comfort Tiffany, and then finally passed it though the box grater of the 21st century you might come up with something close to this. It's gorgeous, all of it.

You can read more about these materials and patterns on Sara Baldwin's blog, and you can see the entire New Ravenna collection on the New Ravenna website.

If indeed there's a heaven, I think its streets would be paved with the likes of this.


  1. wow! I am absolutely in love with these things! I like repeating patterns based on natural designs - leaves, flowers - and these are just spectacular.

  2. I'm with you Melody if that weren't already obvious. Sara Baldwin, the woman behind New Ravenna, is every bit as amazing as this collection too.

  3. Holy smokes, these tiles are GORGEOUS!!!!! WOW!!!

    Ummmmm.... if you have to ask the price, you can't afford them, right?!

    If I ever win the lottery..... :-)


  4. They are lovely. Sara Baldwin's on Twitter under the name MosaicMuse --track her down. She's really cool to talk to and she loves bloggers.

  5. DAMN! that white flower pattern on the orange/red background is so hot I about burned my eyebrows off.

  6. I'm right there with you. That orange glass is of an intensity I don't think I've ever seen before. The orange image is what hooked me on this stuff to begin with.

  7. I have to catch my breath these are so beatutiful..The patterns the colours, the details.. Love the creamy white and that mossy green...

    wow - great post..

  8. They are stunning. Follow Sara on Twitter Vitania, she's @MosaicMuse. She writes an interesting blog too.

  9. These are beautiful! I loved reading all of the comments as well.
    I'm off to follow Sara on Twitter.
    Thank you, Paul.


  10. Thanks for checking in Brooke. Wait 'til you see what she does with natural stone!

  11. Geez, you guys are WONDERFUL. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! A few points:
    1. The 2 x 8's are in line price-wise with other hand-made glass tiles; the other patterns are more dear because of the complexity and (gulp) waste (perhaps there are glass terrazzo tiles in our future?).
    2. velvet and linen, your new bathroom post is FANTABULOUS.
    3. the orange color we call "sardonyx". Isn't that a great name!?! I am considering it for my own back-splash. I need Paul's help with the decision :)

  12. The Mosaic Muse speaks! You deserve all of these accolades Sara. Do you know Brooke from Velvet and Linen? You should if you don't. I think you two have pretty well-aligned aesthetic senses.


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