13 June 2009

Art history in under three minutes --cool!

Check this out. Someone posted this on Twitter this week and I've been watching it ever since. For the life of me I'm not exactly sure who posted it though. I think it was @leonagaita or @verdigrisvie though. If it were someone else I apologize and ladies, if either of you were the original poster, thank you.

I haven't gone off on an Art History tear in a couple of weeks and this video will do it for me. This thing's a brilliant, animated survey of the last 500 years of western portraiture. I love, love, love how this video's producer got to the 19th century and kept going up to the present. Far too often, people gloss over the last 100 years because they don't quite know what to do with it. That's unfortunate because even though it may not be immediately obvious, all art rests on the shoulders of the art that came before. This video drives home that point brilliantly and it does it in less than three minutes. Bravo!

If you're having trouble with this, follow this link. This video came from the great website GUBA, and it was posted by someone who goes by the name jun129. Thank you jun129.


  1. That was cool, I enjoyed that!
    I've been having a great time reading your blog thanks to the link from DesignTies.
    I got exited when I saw the tag for Sarah Susanka as I LOVE her whole not so big philosophy and had to read all the posts related to her!
    Your writing is a pleasure to read
    Susan in New Brunswick :0)

  2. Thank you Susan in New Brunswick. Sarah Susanka is one of the coolest people I've ever had on the telephone, I'll tell you that. I have been a fan of hers for ages and when her agent called me to ask if I'd like to interview her I nearly choked. So I'm happy to report that she's as decent and approachable a person in person as she comes across in her books.

    Thanks for reading Susan, I appreciate it. Keep coming back!


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