03 June 2009

Behold the power of the blogosphere

So get this. On Monday, I received an e-mail from a reader in Long Island and she included this photo of a Christopher Peacock kitchen.

She asked me if I knew who made the light fixture in the center of the photograph. Oh man, I like it when someone asks me a question that requires that I dig around for an answer, but my knowledge of what's available in the lighting world is a bit limited. Limited to the sorts of modern or classic lights I usually specify, that is. When it comes to what Christopher Peacock's doing with his lighting, I turn to my favorite Christopher Peacock fan, Gina Milne. Gina writes the great blog Willow Decor and the woman knows her lighting.

As a matter of fact, the reason I know Gina was a similar quest for a light used in a Christopher Peacock kitchen about a year ago. I stumbled up on her blog when I was doing Google searches to try to track down the lighting fixtures in Peacock's now-infamous Refractory Kitchen shown here.

Gina researched this kitchen photograph extensively and published the results of her sleuthing in a post called Elements of a Christopher Peacock Kitchen.

So I thought I try my luck again and I sent the photo my reader sent me to Gina and asked her if she knew who made the ceiling light.

Gina in turn, sent the photo to another design blogger, Brooke Gianetti. Brooke is an interior designer and architect and she writes the blog Velvet and Linen. Brooke turned the quest for this light for my Long Island reader into a blog post of her own and asked her readers if anyone knew who made the light.

Mind you, this took place within hours of my reader asking me.

So on Tuesday morning, Tammy Connor, an interior designer from Birmingham, AL; identified the light in a comment left on Brooke's blog. Brooke told Gina couple hours after that and Gina told me as soon as she heard from Brooke. I shot an e-mail back to my reader around 24 hours after I received her original e-mail. Pretty wild stuff.

How all of this works is pretty mind bending when I sit and think about it. Someone in Long Island asked someone in Florida question (me). I referred to a designer in Boston. She referred it to a designer in LA. The designer in LA got her answer from another designer in Birmingham. That's pretty wild. None of these networks would have been possible until very recently and it's already become commonplace. We live in amazing times.

Oh, the light fixture is the "Cubic Lantern" by Formations in LA. The original e-mail writer, my reader in Long Island has already found it at a lighting dealer in New York. So thank you Gina, Brooke and Tammy!

As an additional note about the above mentioned kitchen design, what’s been especially praised about the design are the hard wood floors, beautiful machines and how they blend well with the kitchen elements, balancing the rustic look with modern touches (like the chairs).

Chosen and maintained right, they’ll be a source of positive vibes in decades to come. I always advise people to take good care of the hard wood floors, primarily by choosing a good hard floor cleaner. If asked for specific recommendations, I always go with Hoover FloorMate Deluxe


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  2. Dakoota, the fastest way to ensure that I never go to your website, let alone specify something from it, is to spam my blog anonymously. You are more than welcome to buy a display ad any time.

  3. I've been thinking and reading a lot about the effect of decreased communication costs on a whole host of areas - we're living on the cusp of some immense changes. It's going to change the design world, not to mention fashion, education, commerce, war. I can't even begin to fathom it.

  4. It's some pretty heady stuff. It's really, really cool to participate in it.

  5. Wow those light fixtures are amazing, they would work in any type of kitchen.

  6. And they're priced to sell at $3800 a pop. You need at least two of them in your new kitchen Mel!

  7. Wow, $3800??!! I found an almost identical fixture at a store in Toronto for less than $600:


    I'm amazed practically every day by the power of the blogosphere :-) I had no idea there were to many creative people out there with wonderfully inspirational pictures and ideas :-) And don't forget about the designer in Florida helping the decorator in Ottawa redo her kitchen!! :-)


  8. Kelly, I saw your comment on Velvet & Linen yesterday about that fixture. I love it when I see people I know commenting on other blogs. You're right about the inspiration and creatvity available in the blogosphere. When I started I never expected to find it so reciprocal. I "meet" the coolest people and it's the interactions that keep me around.

  9. That's funny!! When I started reading this post, I was like, hey, that's the fixture on Brooke's blog!!

    I love that too, that bloggers are so eager and willing to help each other out :-) We appreciate everyone who's helped us along the way, and we do our best to make the blogosphere a better place :-)


  10. Paul,
    I love the blog community! We are all so willing to help each other!! This is such a great story because I am sure it happens all the time with all kinds of products and ideas!!
    Special thanks to Brooke and Tammy!!

  11. I commented on Brooke's blog right after you and Susan Lang did. Small world indeed.

  12. Hi Paul.
    I love the generous spirit of the design blogging community!
    This post was so much fun. It's great to know that we can go to each other for help.
    I'm off to read some more of your posts.


  13. Brooke! You beat me to the punch. I was going to send this link to you today but you found it on your own. Welcome, welcome and please stick around!

  14. Love all the great reading you provide.let alone the inspirations in decor. Keep it coming.

  15. What a thoughtful compliment. Thank you!


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