16 June 2009

Family Hack has yo back

Lynn Taylor is a residential designer and a speaker on topics as varied as energy efficiency, urban infill housing, historic preservation, good construction practices and cottage developments. You can find out more about Lynn on her website, Taylor Made Plans, or you can follow her on Twitter as @taylormadeplans, which is how I know of her.

Lynn tweeted a link to a website called Family Hack yesterday and the link led to this incredibly helpful video. This is the fastest, smartest, I-can't-believe-this-never-occurred-to-me method to retrieve an object dropped down a drain I've ever seen. Watch this:

That makes so much sense I can barely stand it. Thank you Family Hack guy and thank you Lynn Taylor.

Family Hack is written by Michael Davis and Hannah Russell-Davis. Holding their own are kids Khymi, Susan and Jackson. The Davises write about how to travel the world with three small kids, how to work from anywhere and how to feed, clothe and educate their three junior staffers. They also love smart shortcuts, saving money and cool stuff. And speaking of cool stuff, I think Family Hack may have given me an excuse to get off my high horse and go to the new Ikea in Tampa.

A well-designed, fully-functional storage system for under five bucks? Now they're singing my song.

Spend some time with the Davises, you'll be glad you did.


  1. I wanted to not like Ikea...but Gene and I went there in San Diego and I got some excellent porcelain baking dishes for next to nothing. And they weren't made in China either. My helter-skelter mess of plastic containers might have to get heaved and replaced with the ones in the video.

  2. I want to dislike them too, but the do amazing things with housewares. Oooh, now that you're back in the navel of the universe, you have TWO Ikeas to pick from!


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