11 June 2009

I think glass

If you're tired of the same old same old when it comes to counter materials, think about glass.

The counters photographed here were made by Quebec-based Think Glass. Think Glass makes counter tops, floors, windows, architectural elements and art pieces that are guaranteed to stop people in their tracks.

Look at these beauties. Think Glass uses a proprietary method of fusing glass in their custom-made glass kilns and the result is something you'll not find from another company.

These counters can be made up to three inches thick, they can be back- or under-lit, they come in a wide variety of edges, textures and underlayments.

Think Glass counters can be further customized with the addition of colored glass into the counters themselves.

Glass is non-porous, highly scratch resistant, heat resistant, easy to clean and super hygienic. Did I mention that they're beautiful?

Think Glass counters are available through dealerships across North America and the Caribbean. So if you're looking for something interesting, think glass with Think Glass.


  1. My my my, these are pretty. I particularly like the large slab that looks rugged at the ends and appears to be about 4" thick. How cool is that?

  2. This material is stunning all right. Check out the galleries on their website. Gorgeous! I've known about this stuff for a while, but they started following me on Twitter yesterday and I'm seeing them in a whole new light!

  3. Paul, the counters are gorgeous, but I have to say they scream "show kitchen" when I see them. You know, that stunning kitchen people pay tons of money for but don't actually use.

    How durable are the counters for a full-on family kitchen? Not hard restaurant work, obviously, but a full family of 4-6 with kids. If a client liked these, would you recommend them if you knew the client had an active household and liked to cook?

  4. They would outlast a nuclear blast Rae. They are nearly impossible to harm. I wouldn't hesitate to spec them for a family. That's one of the things that I like about them. They look fragile and rarefied, but they are anything but that. These counters get used in public spaces as often as they get used in private homes. There's a gallery on their website that shows a bunch of hotel bars and night clubs with Think Glass counters. Stunning!

  5. My co-worker saw these at KBIS this year and went on about how awesome they were and how she would like to work them in to some designs here in W.N.C. However, she was asked to email them for more info and has yet to receive anything more than an automated responce letting her know that would get back with her in 42 hours. Maybe Canadian hours are longer then they are here.

  6. Hmm. They are following me on Twitter as of yesterday. I will redirect your comment to them. I like this product a lot and I'd hate to think that they're pulling a 20/20.

  7. These are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm going to bookmark this post... love those glass counters... I was trying to fit these into a custom cabinetry design for a doctor's office and was having a hard time finding info about glass tops... MERCI BEAUCOUP!!! I shall ask YOU next time I can't find something!

  9. Hi Jeff, My apologies for any delay. Please have your co-worker contact Doris, Director of Sales, directly at 877-410-4527, ext 21. Thank you.

  10. Thanks Fifi, I'll be your idea guy any time!

  11. Excellent! Great service Think Glass, thanks for jumping on this so quickly.

  12. My pleasure! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do....thanks, Doris.

  13. Wowsers!! I'm having counter envy!! Love, love, LOVE these glass countertops. I wonder if there's a Think Glass showroom somewhere in the area.... I'd love to see them in person.

    They wouldn't work with our current kitchen, but if I ever get my dream kitchen, it needs glass countertops :-)

    BTW, we gave you an award, Paul. It's all about deer and cupcakes :-)


  14. Thanks for the award Kelly, I'm humbled. A deer and cupcakes? A venison cupcake? Hmmm.

    Think Glass is HQ'd in Montreal, and you're in luck. There are two showrooms in Gatineau. The info's on their website. You have to see these things in person to appreciate them.

  15. Awesome, Thanks Paul.

    And thank you Doris, I will pass your info along.

    P.S. Oh, and paul- 20/20 du service à la clientèle, comme la mauvaise odeur de fromage.

  16. Great Jeff, I'm glad you saw Doris' response.

    So far as 20/20 goes, Je suis complètement d'accord. Il est en effet une mauvaise odeur.


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