13 June 2009

Stay cool, don't be a fool

Back in February, I wrote about a farcical, "Amish" space heater. Well, the hucksters behind the Amish Space Heater have a companion product for summer.

I saw an ad for this thing in the New York Post (what? I think the Post's headlines are amusing) and the ad copy looked familiar. Just as is claimed about the Amish space heater, the summer product is purported to be "a work of engineering genius from the China coast." Considering the long list of products coming down the tracks on the China poison train, how on earth is such a claim a selling point? Engineering genius? Hardly. It looks to me like a work of marketing genius from some one's garage in Nutley, NJ. I haven't run an image of it or identified it by name because I just read their trademark statement on their website. Let's say it's had a chilling effect on my ability to mock it properly.

Never fear though, our pals at Consumer Reports tested it, found it completely ineffective, and then made a video about it.

Needless to say, it earned a Consumer Reports' Do Not Buy assignation.

This thing isn't being marketed in Florida from what I can tell. But I'm unsure about other parts of the country. The website makes a big mention of the fact that this product is only available in the US. So I have to ask my Canadian pals, is this thing showing up north of the 49th parallel?

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