20 April 2009

Yet another blogging adventure

I started a new blog for the design studio where I hang my shingle, Kuttler Kitchens Design and Cabinetry. I've been working on it for about a month and it went live this morning. So if you just can't get enough of me here, there's even more of me over there.

If you recognize those posts as reworked posts that made their debut here, you're correct. For the time being, I'm rewriting some of my previous articles to make them a little more specific and local to folks here in St. Pete.

Eventually, I'll be rolling out some very specific and local content over at the other blog. I said eventually. In the meantime, if you're curious about where I hang my hat and actually ply my trade, give us a look at Kuttler Kitchens, and on our (my) new blog. Thanks!


  1. I just made my way over to your Kutller site and blog - it's fab! Loved the different cabinet doors you offer. There was this one door-front that I wish I had in my kitchen!!

    Thanks for dropping by DesignTies this morning Paul - I'm happy you like the work we're doing here :-)


  2. I'm glad you liked all that Victoria. Your dining room's beautiful and I'm still waiting to see your kitchen!

  3. Nice site! Pictures are great -- so important on a remodeling site.

    Curious -- is the craftsman picture you show from you own home? Love the windows in it.

  4. Rae, thanks! I've stood in that Craftsman kitchen and unfortunately, it's was in my home. That is all new construction believe it or not.


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