09 April 2009

Better prices AND better service on line

Recently, I've become acquainted with an online plumbing supplier called Designer Plumbing Outlet. DPO was founded in 2003 by Eric Strand, a certified master plumber in Vail, CO. Eric wrapped up a large development project in 2003 and had overbought for the job. He was stuck with quite a bit of inventory and decided to try selling off his excess on eBay.

Eric's eBay test was a rollicking success and he realized that it really was possible to sell plumbing fixtures on line. From that early success Eric and his family moved to West Palm Beach, FL and set up shop as Designer Plumbing Outlet.

I take it pretty seriously when I make a vendor recommendation to my clients and readers, and DPO passes every test I have for a vendor. When I ask myself if I would buy from them, my answer's an unequivocal yes.

They have an enormous selection and sell brands that range from Delta to Herbeau, from Kohler to Toto, from Blanco to Grohe. If you need it, they have it. Shipping's free on all faucets with a $99 purchase too. In the world of kitchen and bath faucets, $99 is a pretty low minimum to meet.

What I like about them too is that they are owned an operated by a master plumber who takes training his reps seriously. Typically, when I talk to a phone rep from an online plumbing distributor, I know more than the rep does. This makes me feel superior, but I really don't know very much about plumbing. When it comes to something as important as plumbing fixtures, I want to buy them from someone who knows more than me. 

DPO's phone reps know what they're talking about, they know the right questions to ask and they know how to trouble shoot over the phone. Faucets, sinks and the rest of them always have supplemental parts that have to be purchased separately. It's vitally important that whoever's doing the selling understands this and knows what parts a specific job needs.

DPO's reps know what they're doing and having technical people like that to back me up means the world to me. More than that, it allows me to make a living.

So think about it. DPO has pretty much anything you could want in the world of plumbing, their prices are the best I've seen and they have free shipping on faucets over $99. What's not to love?


  1. Hi Paul,
    Thankfully the demon dog from hell only destroyed a trow pillow!
    That bathroom in the first picture is GORGEOUS! And that slot in the countertop in the last picture should realy come in handy when your having a party.
    gr. M

  2. Well, that's good to know about the throw pillow. Mercifully it wasn't the sofa itself. That bathroom is gorgeous, I agree wholeheartedly. All of those components are from MOEN.

  3. Really i am still drooling over that bathroom! And there is even a "We have lots of s*x and don't shower afterwards" bidet in that bathroom ;)

  4. Good catch! That's exactly the reason I decided to use that photo. That bathroom's pretty simple, actually. All you need a big room and some nice Italian tile.


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