14 April 2009

All Hail Decorno

The fantastic blog Decorno linked to one of my stories on Sunday morning. 

To say I've been experiencing a spike in my traffic since then is an understatement. Great busloads of you people are new around here and I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Feel free to kick around through my archives. Leave some comments. Start a conversation. Ask me a question. Stick around and come back. Often.

And in the meantime, join me in a toast. ALL HAIL DECORNO!


  1. And you deserve it!!! Those post where FANTASTIC and FACINATING!

  2. Congratulations Paul - I too have experienced the power of the decorno! hehe - couldn't have happened to a nicer man.


  3. I'm just glad she uses all that power to do good! Thanks Joni.


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