02 April 2009

Tempest fugit

That's time flies in Latin just in case you were out that day. Time has certainly flown by in the life of the Great Dream Kitchen Contest of 2009 and sadly, it's coming to an end. Yes, that's right. It's crunch time. All entries have to be in to me by the stroke of midnight tonight (Eastern Standard Time). Send anything you have pulled together to p.anater@gmail.com and I'll take it from there.

I'll be pouring over all of the entries tomorrow and painful though it will be, there can only be one one winner. I will announce that winner tomorrow at five. Good luck!


  1. I was out that day and I've always meant to look up what it means because there's a beach store with that name...

  2. Glad to help out any way I can. How's your bathroom coming along?

  3. Whew!! Just sent it off with two hours to spare!!


  4. Hoo-ray! Tempest really does fugit!


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