05 April 2009

Lisa's Pysanka kitchen

So by popular request, here's a walk though the presentation Lisa from Massachusetts entered to win our much ballyhoo-d contest. As I mentioned on Friday, she chose for her theme the Pysanka school of decorative arts. And specifically a Pysanka Easter egg. I keep forgetting that we're a week from Easter, but her basing a kitchen design on a Ukrainian Easter egg is timely in addition to being brilliant.

I mentioned earlier that I'm a push over for ethnicity of any stripe, but in addition to that aspect of her entry, Lisa took two disparate things --an Easter egg and a kitchen-- and merged them into something fantastic. I'm really struck by her instinct here, it's design in every sense of the word. My idea behind this contest was togive people an excuse to dream up something for the sheer joy of using imagination. I was hoping that someone would run with it the way Lisa did. I wasn't expecting anyone to, but as soon as her entry arrived on Thursday I was thrilled to see someone had. You can click on these images and they'll expand to a size large enough where you can read her notes.

This is not a kitchen that's going to end up in Lisa's home any time soon, but the point of pushing into the realm of what's possible is to discover buried passions and ideas that will make it into her actual kitchen and home.

She's not a designer by the way. She referred to herself as a regular Jane in her entry. Well, I do this for a living and I have a lot to learn from this entry. All too often, it's easier to think of my limitations than it is my possibilities. I find her entry an inspiration and in showing the bulk of it here, I hope you can see how I made the decision I did. Many thanks to everyone who sent me an entry. I hope that in sitting down to write down your thoughts you were able to see something you wouldn't have otherwise.


  1. good god. This is brilliant! An "ordinary Jane"??! I don't think so!

  2. I love it. We are extremely happy about your decision =]

  3. I had difficulty in opening up all the pictures (most likely my computer), howevever what I did see in my humble opinion; was 'the designing edge of pure genius'.

    So glad I didn't miss this Paul. Thank you for the heads-up on your previous post. -Brenda-

  4. Brenda,

    Thanks for your comment and welcome. I agree with your opinion of Lisa entry wholeheartedly. I suppose that's obvious, I was the sole judge.

  5. How did I miss this when you first posted it?!

    Very cool kitchen. I never would have thought to use an egg as the basis for a home design, but it all makes perfect sense.

    Hopefully, Lisa's egg kitchen will become a reality one of these days....

    Congrats to Lisa!!


  6. How appropriate to find it on Easter then!

  7. What Melody said! "Not a designer" indeed. Lisa would put many so-called "pros" I know to shame. This is incredibly well thought-out, as well as beautifully presented.

    What a great idea to do on your blog!


  8. Wendy, I'm still marveling at Lisa's instincts and execution here. Would that all of my presentation boards looked this good!


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