29 April 2009

Taunton's All New Kitchen Idea Book: a review

The latest version of Taunton Press' Kitchen Idea Book is on the shelves and sits ready to inspire. As with the previous editions of the Kitchen Idea Book, The All New Kitchen Idea Book was written by Joanne Kellar Bouknight. Bouknight authored Taunton's Home Storage Idea Book and is a regular contributor to Taunton's Fine Homebuilding magazine. 

Photo by Randy O'Rourke, used with permission

Her All New Kitchen Idea Book is not just another picture book. Bouknight is an architect emeritus and brings an architect's penchant for details to her book. With that said, the photography's stunning but it's explained and described perfectly. There's enough information presented here that this Idea Book could be considered a how-to book easily.

Photo by Huyla Kolabas, used with permission

The All New Kitchen Idea Book's nine chapters cover everything from style and layout to lighting and windows; from cabinetry to counters; and from pantries to floors. She goes out of her way to highlight the unusual without dismissing the expected. This is a tough line to follow and Bouknight does it gracefully.

Photo by David Duncan Livingston, used with permission

Taunton Press' entire family of publications highlight and describe a tasteful, sensible and designed life that I can't get enough of. Any time I see a Taunton imprint, I know what follows can only be good and worthwhile. The New Kitchen Idea Book is of a piece with the rest of Taunton's titles and further rounds out one of the most expansive collections of titles in the home improvement category.

Photo by David Duncan Livingston, used with permission

The New Kitchen Idea Book would be a great addition to any home improvement library. If you have a renovation in your future, please pick up a copy. If you like the idea of a renovation in your future, pick up a copy perchance to dream.


  1. Unfortunately, my kitchen reno is just a dream right now.... but when the time comes, I know what book to pick up to make sure I get it right!! :-)

    Thanks Paul :-)


  2. Thanks for the book review. I ordered it from your link!

  3. Add it to your library! I know this makes me sound like a shill, but Taunton's titles and my design sensibilities line up with an uncanny accuracy. I have many Taunton titles and I refer to them often. And believe it or not, no one paid me to say that.

  4. Susan, thank you! I may not get paid to report how much I love Taunton Press, but I do get a quarter when someone buys something from Amazon!

  5. Nice site Paul, lots of photos and ideas for folks.

    Ed Sunderland.
    Confessions of a Tile Setter

  6. Hey there! Thanks Ed, I appreciate your comment.


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