17 August 2008

You are now entering the NO PANIC zone.

Well it looks like Tropical Storm Fay will be Hurricane Fay by tomorrow morning. That storm is going to hit somewhere along Florida's Gulf Coast on Tuesday. So today's the day to decide how seriously to take these warnings. After having seen firsthand the damage that rained down on Florida in 2004, I'd recommend that you take this seriously. However, taking a storm warning seriously is not an excuse to freak out. Rather, it's an opportunity to prepare for what all of us who live in these climes know is an inevitability. Now that we know what's out there, we can come up with some concrete plans to get us through whatever the next couple of days will bring.

First, if you're going to leave the coast; leave now. Now if you plan to stay, find out what your evac zone is. Your evacuation zone also tell you how high above sea level you are. Pinellas County has a zone finder on their website that's really handy. All you do is write in your address ans hit send. It tells you your zone and it also tells you where the closest shelters are to you. Know where they are just in case we do get hit. That website is filled with other useful information on how to prepare in the days leading up to the arrival of a hurricane. That would be now.

Again, this isn't an excuse for a melt down. If we get spared the arrival of this storm, there will be plenty more over the next couple of weeks. Know where your important stuff is and know what you plan to do to prepare for it. Get gas today. Go to the ATM and get cash today. Tell your friends and family what your plans are. Today.

Hurricanes come with the territory and this is not news. They are a force of nature that no one can do a thing about. Knowing that you're completely impotent in the face of one is the key to defining what you can control. I can't stop a storm, but I don't have to sit back and do nothing either. So step to it!

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  1. You should send this post to all of the news stations--I'm sure it's all madness and mayhem on the airwaves today.

    Take care of yourself!


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