23 August 2008


This is the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. I can't think of another recent building that thrills me as much as this one does. I love New York and that museum seems to take everything I love about New York and compresses it into one glorious spot on West 53rd.

On the end of my desk sits this coffee cup. I bought it at MOMA a year-and-a-half ago. Before Starbucks invaded the Isle 'o Manhattan, every cup of coffee sold in the city came in a paper version off this cup. It amuses me.

MOMA has a great online store and they've added to it significantly for fall. They sell gorgeously-designed and reasonably priced objects that are either reproductions of works in their galleries, or pieces inspired by the museum's holdings. It's a way to bring a little New York into your life and for those of us out in the provinces, a piece will have to do. Check it out.

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