13 August 2008

Time for another break

I spent a bit of time on the phone this afternoon. I was making arrangements to rent a car in The Bahamas. Cat Island in the Bahamas to be exact. I'm making a triumphant return to the land that time forgot in about two weeks and I am so due for a break I can't stand it. Being on the phone with somebody over there today made my upcoming long weekend away seem a lot more real. That's mostly because trying to conduct anything resembling a business transaction on the Out Islands is an exercise in letting go of my American expectations. And for me, that's an important first step in getting out of my own way.

Dealing with this kind of stuff over there starts out like giving a cat a bath but eventually I give in and let it just happen. It's funny, a phone interaction like the one I had this afternoon with an American car rental company would have had me unleashing the wrath of Khan. But since it was with Mrs. Gilbert of Mr. Gilbert's Motor Inn and Car Rental, By the time I said goodbye I was calmer than I'd been in months. I'm still not quite sure I completed my car rental reservation but it will all work out. See? A calm that borders on Zen and that was just from a phone call.

Cat Island is about 40 miles long and a mile wide. Its population hovers around 1000 people. It sits in the Atlantic Ocean about 350 miles southeast of Key Largo. It is the definition of secluded and quiet. There are no phones, no internet access, no TV, etc. Just miles of empty beaches and blessed solitude. Me, a couple of friends, John Steinbeck and I plan to do some serious battery recharging.

This has nothing to do with kitchen design, interior design or sustainability and that's precisely the point. Everybody needs a getaway.

This is the side of the New Bight International Airport on Cat Island

This is the side of the cottage. I like this photo.

This is looking past a tree at the porch with the azure seas lapping in the background.


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  1. Sounds blessed indeed. Have a great time, Dude.


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