11 August 2008

Paste the wall?

I love wallpaper with a passion that borders on the unnatural. But I get it that it's a chore to hang and labor worthy of Hercules to remove. There's something about wallpaper paste and our climate in Florida, over time the stuff turns into something resembling a cross between Krazy Glue and concrete. Ugh. That's all history with an innovation brought to market by my friends at Graham & Brown.

Graham & Brown is a British company that sells gorgeous wallpaper, decorative mirrors, digital murals and more. They are a pretty big presence in the US market, they have a wide distribution network here and their website sells their products in dollars. Graham & Brown has come up with something they call Paste the Walls. Their Paste the Walls papers reverse the typical order of pasting and papering. With old-school wallpaper, you roll out the paper, paste the back of it and then hang the wet paper. Throwing around wet, sticky wallpaper is a lot of what makes wallpapering such and onerous task. Well, using their technique (and special papers that can handle it) you roll wallpaper paste on the wall and then hand dry paper to a wet wall. This keeps the paste from penetrating the paper too far (which is why traditional wallpaper is so hard to remove), it makes sizing easier, pattern line ups are easier to manage and when you want a change in a year or two, the stuff peels right off. What a great idea.

Graham & Brown's designer papers that use the Paste the Wall technique run from about $25 to $80 per double roll. That's pretty much what traditional, good wallpaper costs. So there's another great idea. They have a new, innovative process that makes their products easier to use and it doesn't cost any more money. Hurray for Graham & Brown!

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