26 August 2008

Neat stuff from old stuff

On Monday, the kids over at Apartment Therapy ran a quickie story about a New York based artist, lighting designer and furniture maker named Rodney Allen Trice. Trice owns and operates a studio called T.O.M.T. and T.O.M.T. devotes itself to finding new household uses for discarded household items. Here are some highlights:

A ceiling light made from paper cocktail umbrellas.

A chandelier made from glass punch cups and the copper tubing from an old refrigerator.

A ceiling fixture made from old kitchen canisters

A table made from crutches and steel wire

This is a riot! A cocktail cart made from a walker the artist dubs "The Johnny Walker."

End tables made from old luggage

This stuff's clever and attractive. It's a great combination. Check out the rest of his collection at his website here.

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