21 August 2008


Someone who goes by the name of Globalnomad left a comment here yesterday and he mentioned a rental house a little farther up the coast of Cat Island from where I stay. I followed the link to The Cat Island Boathouse. Wow. What a place! Check this out:

I think you have to have spent some time over there to realize how truly remarkable the kitchen in the Boathouse is. Getting your hands on those kinds of building supplies when you're on an island in the middle of the Atlantic is an undertaking I don't want to contemplate.

Here's a map of the entire island nation of The Bahamas. You can see pretty clearly how its location relates to Cuba and Florida.

This is a close up of Cat Island itself. Fernandez Bay Village is marked about three-quarters of the way down the west coast of the island. Pigeon Cay and Flamingo Point are a bit farther north on the same coast.

So thanks Globalnomad, you've given me a new place to go exploring next week. And in the meantime, go look at The Boathouse's website. If there's a heaven, it looks like Cat Island, trust me.

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