27 August 2008

Neat stuff from old stuff, capitulo dos

Here's some more stuff from the artist I profiled yesterday, Rodney Allen Trice. He has a really admirable philosophy behind the things he's doing and I think he deserves some attention and praise for it. Here's his website again.

From his website:

Ultimately, his work is about ordinary objects – and people, and places — that really aren’t so ordinary when you look at them the right way. His embrace-and-celebrate attitude is in part a reaction to his fear of ordinariness as a youth (“a fate worse than death”). Now he’s learned to celebrate it. “In the ‘fabulous, kiss, kiss, darling, love that dress ... Versace?’ world of art and design,” says Trice, “I hope my work emits a ‘get down off your high horse and sit a while’ feel.” From a focus on furniture and lighting, his work has recently expanded into hats and accessories, which are more about wearable hardware than anything else. His awareness of our need to conserve the Earth’s resources has grown significantly since this endeavor began about 12 years ago.

A ceiling fixture made from a toaster

Oil lamps made from light bulbs and some wire

A ceiling fixture made from a fan cage

A lamp made from a measuring cup and a kitchen timer

A ceiling fixture that was once a punch bowl.

And my favorite, a wall sconce made from a rat trap and some copper screen.

This seals it, all hail Rodney Allen Trice!

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  1. Why do I have the feeling that some of the tonier homes around the Tampa Bay area will now start having punch bowl lamps as part of their new designs?

    I am MAD for that cocktail cart! Even Francine Fishpaw would approve.


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