01 June 2011

My shower? Why yes, it's a Speakman

Until a month ago, my shower life looked like this.


But in early May, the Speakman Company sent me this chrome beauty,

And now my shower life looks something more like this.


That's a bit of an exaggeration but not really.

My new shower head is Speakman's Neo, model S-3010, and I've enjoyed my test drive with it for the last couple of weeks so much that I'm going to keep it.

Speakman's Neo features five adjustable stream nozzles and 12 massage jets in a standard size, 2gpm shower head. At two gallons per minute, it's considered to be a low-flow fixture. Low-flow fixture used to be a kiss of death but Speakman's technology harnesses those two gallons for all they're worth. If I didn't know it were a low-flow head I'd never believe it.

My Neo has another Speakman innovation that I'm quite impressed with. Normally, a shower head has a series of flow settings that you click through one by one. All Speakman shower heads feature something called Anystream. Anystream is a 360 degree adjuster that allows the spray settings to flow into each other infinitely. This allows for a perfectly adjusted shower and because there are no locking parts, virtually assures a long life.

Add to all of that this shower resists sediment build up and clogs all by itself and I'm sold.

You can find Speakman shower products, faucets, valves, safety products and HVAC solutions at better dealers just about everywhere and you can also buy a Speakman Neo just like mine on their website.


  1. Oh...so nostalgic. Every/any apartment I had ever rented early on - my father would always check the bathroom and pronounce it sound if it had a Speakman!

  2. Yes -- and how far I've come (PR for luxury brands!) Umm..I do not use a Speakman now but that doesn't mean it's not a solid showerhead.

  3. Isn't it funny how life works out?

  4. That's the best visual analogy I've ever seen.

  5. It's ultimately about water pressure! Fat supply lines and pressure that would strip paint off concrete is just about right. Any shower head that can do that, I'm there.

    Now when will you be doing Old Spice-syle videos? :-)

  6. Thanks Raina!

    Rufus: In the last year or so I've learned more about shower technology than I ever thought possible. Good water pressure is a start but there's a whole lot more to it than that. We live in a golden age of shower advances. Who knew?

  7. better than the age of golden showers...

  8. The pictures were good, the comments great. I can imagine that clean Paul is quite friendlier than the dirty alternative.

  9. If a showerhead gives me the same "shower life" it did you, It's certainly worth a try. I'm there ;-)

    Your feedback on a several different showerheahs is very positive, how do I choose?

    Thanks for an enjoyable and informative post.

  10. Honestly Nick, I don't have a dirty alternative.

    Bill, There's a lot of good products out there and a lot of them can get pretty spendy. This one is around a $50 model and for the money it's pretty good. The Hansgrohe I reviewed around a year ago is also great, but it's a $160 piece of equipment. Figure out how much you want to spend and then go get the best thing your budget allows.

  11. Great post, Paul. Love the pix.

    Bob! Oh. No. You. Didn't. Go. There!!!!!


    Brenda Lynn

  12. Paul, Thanks for clearly and simply providing great advice to your readers about products you've worked with. There are great products out there for just about any budget.


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