07 June 2011

Guilty TV pleasures: a Blog Off post

Every two weeks, the blogosphere comes alive with something called a Blog Off. A Blog Off is an event where bloggers of every stripe weigh in on the same topic on the same day. The topic for this round of the Blog Off is "Guilty pleasures: what's your favorite show on TV?"


It's funny. I spent most of yesterday composing a lengthy, lengthy defense of my intellect that amounted to a rationalization of why I watch the guilty pleasure TV I do. I'll spare you my inner torment and just come clean. I am no stranger to trashy TV. I don't admit it very often but the whole point of this Blog Off topic was to act as a confessional.

So with that said I'll confess that I watch most of the shows the Bravo Network produces. And out of all of those programs the one that stands out for me, the true rose among the thorns of reality TV is the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

There. I just admitted that to the world. This is supposed to make me feel better but instead I just feel exposed. The Real Housewives of New Jersey has no redeeming qualities other than that it entertains me. It entertains me because it makes me think I'm sane when I compare my life to the horrors that play out in North Jersey every week. I watch it for no reason other than the thrill of schadenfreude.

Here are three clips that sum up the shenanigans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey perfectly.

From Season One:

From Season Two:

From Season Three:

And there you have it. I've either admitted my humanity or made myself look bad. I can't figure out which. In my own defense, I really do read The New Yorker...

As the day goes on, the rest of the participants in today's Blog Off will appear miraculously at the end of this post. Keep checking back and check out everybody's postss. You can follow along in Twitter as well, just look for the hashtag #LetsBlogOff. If you'd like more information about about the Blog Off or if you'd like to see the results of previous Blog Offs, you can find the main website here.


  1. "With that said, I'll confess ...". You know what they say Paul, confession is good for the soul. :)
    Personally I am not a big fan of reality shows, however must admit, I am hooked on The Apprentice. -Brenda-

  2. Well this Jersey girl loves that show too...actually just got done watching last nights episode and then saw your post! Love it!

  3. I cannot bear to watch any of the reality shows, but I especially cannot watch The Apprentice. It epitomizes everything I ever came to hate in the world of business.

  4. I never would have pegged you for a Real Housewives fan. Once again, you surprised me.

  5. Always leave 'em guessing I say. I think this post is scaring people.

  6. Personally, I hate most reality tv shows. That being said, I have enjoyed watching "Heavy" this season. Not much of a "guilty pleasure" really, I like to watch it to help keep me motivated with my health goals.

    Oddly enough.. I also watch "Cupcake Wars". It must even out somewhere, right?

  7. Oh Paul! Throw us a line here; it's not looking good. Is it their kitchens? They obviously have big budgets.

    Anon 1

  8. I think that show puts me in touch with why I moved away from the northeast.

  9. This is a shocking revelation but my opinion of you is still high, just for admitting it! My only TV confession is the Brady Bunch and Little House on the Prairie. Boring.

  10. Paul, when I moved to the UK I tried to convince myself that I could happily live without giving in to my Bravo shows addiction. I felt certain I could rise above the nonsense. Guess what? I couldn't do it!!! I didn't want to do it. I just discovered that I can watch all the Bravo shows on iTunes. I am living happily again now. On another note, may I suggest to you a great British TV series I recently caught up watching on NetFlix? It is called Doc Martin and it is fantastic. Watch it.

    Melody, my sister and I can tell what an episode of Little House on the Prairie is going to be within about 3 seconds of the show being on. We did love ourselves some Little House.

  11. I had no idea... Another thing we share in common... I watch to remind me how I should handle in In-laws!!!

    LOL... Paul, what's next for you.... Ringside at a WWF event?!!!

  12. Melody: I'm a former Brady Bunch fanatic and still quote entire episodes, word for word. It's a sickness.

    Sharon: How on earth are you and how's Baby Brown? I will keep my eyes peeled for Doc Marten, thanks for the recommendation.

    Tim: Based on what you've told me about your in-laws, that makes total sense. WWF? Are you kidding me? I do have some standards. Hah!


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