28 June 2011

Let's hear it for Melody!

Melody McFarland is a very regular commenter on this blog. She's also written a few guests posts and thanks to the power of the internet, she's also a good friend. Last April, I profiled her new venture (and adventure), Melody's Pet Photography.

I've always thought that he had one of the best photographer's eyes I've ever seen and I'm thrilled to hear that her business is taking off and she's getting the recognition she deserves. Watch this:


You can check out more of her work on her website here. And in the meantime Melody, congratulations!


  1. Hah!! Thanks so much! I still can't believe how nice the whole thing turned out. I've never been on so much as a home movie camera (I avoid them at all costs) so I didn't have high hopes, but Bill proved me wrong.

  2. You look terrific and sound even better. You must have a good publicist.


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