29 June 2011

Another beautiful faucet from Brizo

Brizo did it again in their kitchen faucet, the Solna.

I love simple and minimal and the Solna lines right up with what I think a kitchen faucet ought to look like. I remember seeing it when it was still a prototype and it looks even better now as a production model.

The Solna's more than just a pretty faucet though, look what it can do.

That's right, it has a hidden pullout that locks into place with Brizo's MagneDock™ when it's not in use.

Well done Brizo, well done. Check out the Solna Collection and the rest of Brizo's offerings on their website.


  1. Very elegant! And unobtainable here, I suspect!

  2. Beautiful design! It makes me want to scrap my kitchen faucet which I loved until I saw that one. Darn bulbous head.

  3. Chookie: Let me look into that. They do export some of their wares, I just don't know where they go.

    LAX: Bulbous head is right, I'm seeing kitchen faucets in a whole new light because of this thing.

  4. Dude, I love that more than words can say.

    P.S. They have another bowing this fall that will blow the top of your head off. I wish I could have taken a photo at BrizoFW in February. But then Jai would have hit me with the stun gun.

  5. That kind of talk makes me weak-kneed.

  6. Chookie: Brizo's international marketing team wants to reach out to you if you're interested in one of these faucets.

  7. I'd be happy to talk to them, Paul! Check your e-mail.


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