30 June 2011

Happy Social Media Day!


Mashable has declared today to be Social Media and to mark the occasion, my pals at Adroyt have posted the video of the round table discussion I participated in at the annual conference of The American Society of Journalists and Authors. The ASJA Conference took place at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York and our talk took place on April 30, 2011.

Clips three and four are all about me and boy is that gratifying. The woman sitting next to me is none other than Dominique Browning, design press superstar. That someone I admire greatly is paying attention to me is doubly gratifying.

You can watch the rest of the videos on Adroyt's blog so head on over there and tell them I sent you.


  1. Great advice, Paul. It's very generous of you to share this information, and that Dominique is paying attention to what you are saying is high praise indeed!

  2. Head over to Adroyt and check out the whole hour!

  3. Aren't you just the smartest?!

    FANTASTIC presentation, Paul!

  4. Thanks Raina! Did I mention that it's Dominique Browning sitting next to me?

  5. I finally got some time to sit and listen to you! Very good points, but aimed mainly at the professional, I think.
    I'm not entirely convinced about the strict posting schedule, though. As you spoke about it I had the impression that it was more important for your own self-discipline than for the convenience of readers, or did I misunderstand? It makes sense for the Little Brown Dress blog to post at 8am daily; not so sure about other subjects. I use a feed-reader, read blogs in the evening, and am 14 hours or so ahead of you -- I have no idea what time or even days you post!

  6. Thanks Chookie and yes, that talk took place at an annual gathering of the largest writer's guild in the US. My points are skewed very heavily toward that audience. When I talk to regular people I'm a lot less strident in my suggestions about schedules.


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