02 January 2010

The People's Choice Awards

So I went through my 2009 archives and pulled out some of what I call my crowning achievements as a blogger. Those columns ran on Wednesday and Friday if you want a refresher.

One of the reasons I like Google Analytics so much is that is delivers the sometimes unwelcome news that the posts I like aren't best aren't usually the posts that drive traffic to this site. So according to Google Analytics, my top ten posts from 2009 are:

  1. Paint That Porch Roof Haint Blue
  2. Here's an Awful Kitchen
  3. Christopher Peacock's Back
  4. Don't Do This
  5. Behold the Power of the Blogosphere
  6. A Christopher Peacock Follow Up
  7. Meet the Frigidaire Flair
  8. Caveat Emptor: Ikea Sells Appliances
  9. New Ravenna Defines the Term Mosaic
  10. Of Spiders and Silk

Paint That Porch Roof Haint Blue won by a large margin, and I find that really wild. That post also leads the pack so far as stickiness goes. By stickiness I mean the duration of a visit when someone lands on that piece. Readers who find that post stay and read for an average of three minutes and 31 seconds and that's pretty good. Hear that advertisers? Three-and-a-half minutes!

I am just happy that people find this site useful. And with this post I am done indulging in looking back and I'm now ready to start looking forward. Thanks to one and all and happy new year!


  1. so as always, i'm a step behind you- you are done looking back at the past and i am just starting! and i stole this post idea from you to do it with... actually, i was curious which of my 2009 posts we're popular, as the ones i see on my analytic dashboard are all from 2008!.

    as for your top post, that really is an exhaustively informative post on "haint blue"- i can see why it's so sticky! (which i also learned today from you- sticky. now i have to go check for sticky on analytics too!)

    happy new year paul!

  2. As always Christian, thanks. I've done posts similar to this before but never as an end of year review. Kelly Morrisseau did this exact column last week and I stole the idea from her. Just as all design is derivative, so is all blogging. Hah!

    Those popular post reports from Analytics keep me humble I swear. What I think is great and interesting is usually not what The People do and it's good to be reminded of that from time to time.

    I'm glad to have 2009 in my rear view mirror already and I know you are too. Lousy though it was in a lot of ways, in a lot of ways too it was one of the best. You played a big role in the best part so thank you. So onward to a successful 2010!


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