19 January 2010

More great papers from Given Campbell

Last week I ran a series of wallpaper designs the great and talented Given Campbell cooked up to express her displeasure with Pat Robertson's latest appalling statement. Given came up with that design when she and I were batting ideas back and forth on Facebook the night previously. Mind you, she came up with that at one in the morning two days before she got married. Now that's what I call a commitment to one's art. Wow.

I've been meaning to write some more about the rest of Given's work for some time and now's as good an opportunity as ever. Given Campbell is a self-taught wallpaper artist and she works alone in a two-room studio in Tampa, FL. Given is the real deal, she's a fine artist by training and she channels that history and passion into her work in wallpaper.

Given's wallpapers are hand made, this is the real deal. She has a large library of stock patterns and takes on requests for custom patterns with enthusiasm. Her work's been featured in such publications as InStyle, Domino, Metropolitan Home, Real Simple, The New York times and too many more to list here. Given Campbell is an artist and an entrepreneur and I'm glad to be able to call her a friend. Spend some time on her website and follow her on Twitter. You'll see what I mean. 


  1. Wow!! That's some serious wallpaper!! I think they would look great on an accent wall, to really give a room a strong focal point and a great jumping off point for a colour scheme.

    Thanks for the positive feedback on the bathroom reno. Can you guess where the glass tiles are from?? :-)


  2. I have a passion for Wallpaper. Very talented and such creative concepts. Love her work!
    Thanks for sharing them Paul. -Brenda-

  3. Kelly: Given does a lot with purple... Actually, some of her monogram work reminds me of the words treatment you did in your own home.

    Brenda: Given's got a great perspective, that's for sure. I love really graphic papers and hers are definitely that.

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