13 January 2010

Check out what Delta's doing now

2009 was a year of new discoveries and altered ideas. Well it was for me at any rate. Until 2009, I always thought of Delta Faucet as a low-budget, workhorse brand. I don't think that any more. They are smart, they are innovative and I don't hesitate to specify their products. Since some time in 2007, Delta has turned itself into a leading force in the fixture industry. Between Diamond SealTM, MagnaTiteTM docking, H2Okinetic Technology®, and Touch2O®, these folks have been on a real roll. Bravo Delta.

It came as no real surprise when I found out that they have an iPhone app now too. A lot of times, when a company comes up with an iPhone app, it's a heavy-handed sales tool. Not so this one. Delta's app is all about finger painting and it's a riot. Check out Make a Mess by Delta Faucet.

Here's what it looks like as it loads.

Once it launches, you come to a blank screen.

Click on the settings tab, pick a color and adjust the brush size.

Go back to the paint screen and set yourself free.

It works just like real finger paint and you can change the brush sizes and colors at will.

You can build up layers and even import a photo to paint on top of. You can save it and even upload it to a gallery on Delta's website. I can see me killing an hour on an airplane with this thing. I can also see me getting hooked on it and actually painting something.

When you're tired of your painting, hit the wash button in the upper right of the screen.

A Delta Pilar faucet appears like magic and your painting slides underneath it. Touch the faucet anywhere, the same way you would a real Pilar and the water turns on.

Once your canvas is clear, touch the faucet anywhere and the water turns off. The screen reverts back to a blank canvas, ready for you next masterpiece.

Big fun. So being the good natured folk they are, Delta's Make a Mess is available for Blackberry as well as the iPhone and if you're smart phone-less, you can play around with it on Delta's website. So now everybody can go Make a Mess.


  1. Hi Paul
    If you don't have an Iphone the application is on their site as well. You never know when you might just feel the urge to fingerpaint without the mess! It was a fun clear your mind little project.

  2. COOL!!!!! Being iPhone-less and Blackberry-less, I used the online version. Fun stuff :-)

    Thanks for the heads-up :-)


  3. There's a link to the app on their website in my last paragraph. Click on it, it's fun! Right Kelly?

  4. Wow, reading is a skill that I just haven't mastered in my 41 years! Didn't even see that link! I had fun drawing my beach scene though... Imagining a much warmer place. :)

  5. No problem Michelle :)

    If you're imagining a warmer place, imagine somewhere far to the south of me right now. I drove to a client's at the beach this afternoon and there are few things as sad as a Florida beach when it's too cold to use.

  6. Well we are going to have a regular heat wave here... It might hit 40 next week! Think Spring! Maybe it will come sooner.

  7. Ahhhhhhh, now I know who you are. Your profile's access is blocked so I wasn't sure. Thanks for your comments today!


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