06 January 2010

Decorno strikes again

This blog will pass the two year mark in a couple of weeks and I've been thinking a lot about how I got to where I am now over the course of those two years. There are a number of blogs and bloggers who helped and inspired me along the way and very high on that list is a blog and a woman who goes by one name, Decorno.

Until I came across her blog, I had the idea that I needed to remain objective and un-opinionated in order to be an effective blogger. Reading her columns for a couple of days cured me of that, let me tell you. If you've never read Decorno, I encourage you to do so immediately.

Decorno is a community of clever commenters as much as it's a well-written and thought-out design blog. Sometimes, particularly noteworthy comments turn into posts in their own right and that's what happened over there recently.

Last Saturday, Decorno wrote a post about costly design mistakes. Her post consisted of a list of things she'd have done differently if she were given the chance to do them again. She ended the post by encouraging her readers to tell their own stories of design regret. Tell stories they did.

One of them, left by a reader named John, prompted another post all together. To wit:

Her comments section that follows that post is a riot of creative color naming and casual obscenity. Do yourself a favor and read through it. Since there's a pony at stake, leave a color story of your own. Look for a heart warming story by me and really good one from Sara Baldwin. The hands-down winner has to be a woman who goes by the name Goddess of Purple. If there's an award for best comment left on a blog, the Goddess of Purple deserves it. So again, cruise on over to Decorno's color post and wade into the comment pool.


  1. Her skill at starting a discussion is unmatched in my opinion. To be admired.

  2. Tell me about it. She's one of my comment solicitation role models.

  3. I've never visited Decorno. I'm on my way over there right now to check out the colour stories!!

    I have to agree with you, my new copper toaster looks FAB against the mother-of-pearl tiles!! Which look FAB in their own right, especially now that they've been grouted!!

    Just waiting for the cabinet doors....

    Oh, one section of our countertop has SUNK. What the hell does that mean?! Our cabinets aren't about to crash through the floor, are they?!

    Thanks for the Homies 2009 nomination -- I just saw that this morning :-)


  4. Your counter sunk? Sounds like it's time to put in another irate call to the hacks who put it in. Sheesh!

  5. Thanks for facilitating my much-needed Wednesday morning laugh!! The comments over at Decorno's blog - all of them - had me smiling from ear-to-ear. I read all 66 comments (current count - I'm sure that'll increase!), every word!! My fave... I don't have one, although I do agree that Goddess' paint name was outrageously funny. Your story was definitely a fave!!

  6. Victoria: make it a point to check in there from time to time. Her readers are hilarious!

  7. your gray matter comment was no slouch, paul, and yes the comment section at decorno is the draw (besides elaine's hilarious wit of course). i have to admit though, sometimes i'm afraid to wade into the comment pool for fear of the rip-tide...

    i sure wish i had that kind of readership! the brilliance of a post consisting of one line in it's entirety is beyond belief- her "what do you want to talk about today?" from last week is my new gold standard!

  8. Christian: I admire her ability to wade into that rip tide and not to take anything personally. She's a gifted facilitator, that's for sure.

    The post from last week you mentioned is definitely one for the books. Some day I'll be able to pull off a stunt like that but until then, it's thrill enough to watch her do it. Brava Elaine!

  9. i agree, brava! couldn't do it myself, as i like to keep things pretty disneyfied at maison21, so if it's really vulgar or mean, i just delete; but it also tends to stifle the really creative wit decorno gets. again, on purpose probably- it's my blog, so i get to be the funniest comic on stage! thank goodness elaine doesn't go around leaving a lot of comments or i'd probably have to ban her, as i've threatened to do to lucinda from chateau de lu on several occasions. you never upstage the headlining act, people! ;-)

    btw, did you see jaime's post @ doxa home today? it must be florida salutes decorno week or something...

  10. I tend to avoid raunch too. Though I have the mouth of a sailor in my regular life, seeing the word "fuck" in print makes me blush. It's weird. I get rid of the mean vulgar comments too, but I don't moderate until after the fact. I won't allow anonymous comments out of principle more than anything. But even that's not fool proof.

    You'd be surprised, Elaine's left a comment or two here and she's a perfect lady. Always.

    I hadn't seen that post on Doxa until you mentioned it. It's a Decorno kind of day!

  11. How did I miss Decorno? Sheesh. Going to scoot over there now.

    I also think "John" should be hired to totally rename all the industry paint colors. Truth in advertising for the win! *snicker*

  12. Yeah, tell me about it. I'm tired of having to hunt for clever names in palettes, I want the funny ones to really leap out and bite.

  13. OMG Paul - I am belly laughing over here. I'll never look at lavender again without remembering godessofpurple's name!

    I agree though - Decorno rocks - I love the opinionated honesty - a spade is a spade! Refreshing!


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