14 January 2010

Make your own light fixture with a designer's blessing

The terrific Grace Bonney had a piece on her equally terrific Design Sponge yesterday that talked about how to make a Lindsey Adelman chandelier. Why this stands out is that the resulting fixture isn't a knock off. Rather, it's an Adelman-endorsed undertaking.

Let me explain a little bit. Lindsey Adelman is a lighting designer, but that doesn't begin to describe her work. She's an artist and innovative designer in general and these days she's expressing herself through lighting. That sounds more like it. Adelman's work is as distinctive as it is desired and for most people, an Adelman chandelier is a pipe dream. It's fodder for "when I make it rich" daydreams.

However, Adelman has a solution. On her website and blog, she has downloadable instructions on how to make the chandelier pictured here. She's even included a parts list and links to where you can buy the parts on line. Brava!

So, need a project for this weekend? If you make one of these chandeliers, Adelman wants to hear from you. Send her a photo. While you're at it, send me one too. I'd love to see somebody take this on. Who's up for it?


  1. Interesting and very innovative! I shall put it on my "TO DO LIST" Paul. Might make for a good project when I'm shipped off to a Retirement Home ..... a few years from now??? :) (Off I go to download the instructions.) -Brenda-

  2. ....Mission accomplished! Downloaded and printed it off. Thanks for the link Paul (and thank you Grace).

  3. I love to see how it turns out if you decide to tackle this one Brenda.


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