15 January 2010

Heath Ceramics and Architecture for Humanity

David Nolan here, doing more than just haunting the comments section here at Kitchen and Residential Design. Recently, I contacted Heath Ceramics because I was interested in doing a post about their dual-glaze tile, which I think is a fascinating and original look for ceramic tile. Heath Ceramics had always been a tableware company to me, because out of ignorance I had only drooled over their gorgeous bowls and vases, without ever checking out their tile offerings. They sent me a little nudge through email to check out the dual-glaze tile line, and I was instantly in awe, both about the tile's great looks and the fact that I had not investigated Heath's tile offerings in the past.

This post is not about dual-glaze tile though, or Heath Ceramics' buffet of beautiful tableware. I received an email today that Heath Ceramics is donating 25% of all sales January 15th-17th at their Sausalito and online stores to help rebuild Haiti. The company is donating the money to Architecture for Humanity, which I will quote the good people of Heath Ceramics to explain:

"Why Architecture for Humanity:

AFH is a non-profit organization that brings design, construction and development services to communities in need. AFH is expanding their current efforts with Yele Haiti, the local NGO, to provide relief and recovery as well as meaningful long-term reconstruction to the Haitian community. We have an ongoing relationship with Cameron Sinclair, Kate Stohr and the folks at AFH and we really believe in their work.

The more people, the bigger the impact. We’d love your business to support this cause; visit our store(s), shop online (free shipping through Sunday) or donate directly to AFH. Either way, we hope you’ll join us in making a contribution.

Facebook, twitter, email, use your rotary phone - please spread the word…

I had not heard of Architecture for Humanity before but after reading their website and looking at their projects, I am impressed and want to help. I encourage you to check out Heath Ceramics to admire the gorgeous eye-candy, and then spend some time getting a reality check at the Architecture for Humanity website.

Like Heath and AFH said, spread the word.


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