05 September 2009

New York New York, a wonderful town...

Yesterday's FedEx brought me an envelope, there's nothing unusual about that. However, when I opened it, out fell a brown leather wallet. Not a billfold mind you, but a full-size, breast pocket wallet. In it was my itinerary for my trip to New York on Thursday.

The fine folks at Brizo are flying me to New York for a series of meetings with their marketing and product development departments. I love this kind of stuff. Really. I find product development to be fascinating, and it makes me feel like a player when I get the chance to go behind the scenes. So I'll spend all day Thursday meeting the people behind the brand.

New York Fashion Week starts next week too. And speaking of feeling like a player, Brizo is taking me to the runway show of designer Jason Wu on Friday.

Wu's show is at the St. Regis Hotel on East 55th Street.

After the show, we're going to the after party. It's a mingle in a penthouse, a room full of fashionistas and assorted glitterati. This will be a gas. I would never do something like this if I were left to my own devices. But you know, some of my life's best experiences have come from times when I've been thrown into something. I don't really know very much about fashion beyond a handful of names., but I've been a fevered follower of Project Runway from day one. Thanks to that show, I have an understanding of fashion as an art form I would not have otherwise. I'll be sure to watch The Devil Wears Prada before I go too, as a cramming exercise of course.

So despite my appreciation for the arty nature of Brizo's offerings, I never quite understood their connection with Jason Wu and why I was going to his show as their guest. Then I saw this video and it explained it all perfectly. It's a beautifully-produced spot, so pull up a chair, it's a good watch.

I'll continue to post while I'm in New York, though my schedule may be a little off. I'll be Twittering my thumbs off the whole time too, so if you're a Twitterer come find me @saintpetepaul.


  1. That last 90 seconds is stunning. Isn't it fabulous that the lines of design between industries and purpose are blurring so dramatically? The marriage of form and function is a wonderous thing. There is art in living beautifully.

  2. Boy I'll say. Having form and function be the same thing is a pretty cool place to stand.


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