03 September 2009

Affordable luxury from Bosch appliances

Just about everybody knows that Bosch makes dishwashers that border on the sublime, if a dishwasher can be called sublime. But what a lot of people don't know is that the same level of quality and engineering that goes into Bosch's dishwashers also extends to their ranges, microwave ovens and refrigerators. Bosch's better dishwashers are a luxury appliance, no apology there. But Bosch makes appliances across many price ranges, they're not automatically luxury-priced.

As if to drive home that point in these troubled times, the gang and Bosch sent me an e-mail yesterday with a reminder than an entry level suite of Bosch appliances can be had for less than four thousand dollars. That's not a gimmick or a sale either. A $4000 appliance package ordinarily gets you Whirlpool, GE Profile or Maytag. But for the same money you could be in a suite of slick and efficient Bosch appliances. Wow.

So here are the specific Bosch appliances that make up this under $4000 suite.

The 300 Series Linea side-by-side refrigerator

As if that weren't enough, Bosch is running a rebate program right now. Purchase a freestanding range, an over-the-range microwave oven and dishwasher and you'll get $150 back. There's an additional rebate of up to $200 on Bosch's Linea side-by-side refrigerators too. Like I said earlier, wow. Poke around on Bosch's website, you'll be impressed too.

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