27 September 2009

Artist profile: meet Vicki Shuck

Oil on Board
$125 plus $10 domestic s/h

Great rooms deserve great art, great original art. Vicki Shuck is a Bend, OR artist whose work was brought to my attention by a reader and client in Oregon.

Oil on Board
$200 includes domestic s/h

Vicki's oil paintings are a feast, a visual feast. Her work shows an impressionist's passion for composition yet with an undeniably modern perspective. Like all great art, Vicki's work grants a viewer a glimpse into the world as she sees it. Yet, there's a generosity at work here. Even though I'm capturing a sense of Vicki's world, I'm being invited to insert my own sensibilities and experiences into the scenes she captures.

Oil on Board
$100 plus $10 domestic s/h

An artists' job is to record her life and in so doing, record the lives of her audience. Art's at once private and public, personal and global. Or so I say at any rate, and Vicki's work accomplishes all of that to terrific effect.

Oil on Board
$150 plus $10 domestic s/h

Vicki's work is available for sale through her blog, What the Day Brings and through a website called Daily Painters. Daily Painters is a juried gallery featuring the work of artists who paint every day. There are 30,000 works contributed by 140 different artists on Daily Painters, and it's a great place to get lost. Vicki's blog is another great place spend some time. As someone who doesn't paint and who hasn't dedicated his life to art, reading her descriptions of her work is as enlightening as it is entertaining. Spend some time with What the Day Brings and you'll see what I mean.

Oil on Board
$65 includes domestic s/h

I tell my clients all the time that a room's not finished until we find the right art, real art produced by a real artist. Vicki Shuck is one such artist. Buy a painting!

Oil on Board
$125 includes domestic s/ h

Oil on Gessoboard
$135 unframed includes domestic s/h


  1. Nice paintings :-) She has an interesting painting technique -- there's a softness to her paint strokes.

    There's something about the metal chairs in the fourth picture that really catches my eye :-)


  2. The woman's glasses in the same painting are what draw me into it. I don't quite know why, but they do.

  3. I am struck by their scale, they are quiet small but the broadness of the paintings themselves make them look like big canvases. Love the energy of the first one...

  4. You got it exactly. She has a technique I expect to see on enormous paintings, such expansiveness in such a small size. Brava! Vicki's also a great, great human being (as evidenced by her work).


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