09 September 2009

Congratulations Julie Richey!

for immediate release............September 9, 2009
International Award for Mosaic Fine Art
Julie Richey
Grand Prize
Night Shirt

nightshirt detail
Night Shirt

M. Busetto
Magda Busetto
Honorable Mention

Orsoni logo

Kate Kerrigan
Rainy Day Central Park

Greg Haas
Blue Wave

A. Staehling
Coraux Rouges

Venice, Italy..............Orsoni Smalti Veneziani is proud to announce the winners of the Orsoni Prize 2009, the International Award for Mosaic Fine Art. The Grand Prize has been awarded to Julie Richey for her sculptural work, Night Shirt.  Richey will receive Euro 1,000 and a trip to Venice, Italy to attend a 1 week Master in Mosaic workshop at Orsoni. Her award winning mosaic will be exhibited at the Angelo Orsoni Gallery.

The jurors,  Lucio Orsoni, Honorary President, Angelo Orsoni and  Pino Bisazza, President, Trend Group chose Night Shirt because of the artist's exceptional success in depicting an "atmospheric landscape of pure poetry that harmonizes with sculptural form of the clothing."   

Honorable Mention was awarded to Magda Busetto for creating the "the startling effect of being watched." Busetto will receive 3 kilos of Orsoni 24 k gold mosaic. In addition 3 Finalists were named, Kate KerriganGreg Haas and Angela Staehling. Each of these artists will receive 1 kilo of Orsoni 24k gold mosaic.

 This year 98 submissions were received from 15 countries. All submissions will be posted on the Orsoni web site www.orsoni.com in October. The biennial prize will be offered again in 2011.

Orsoni Smalti Veneziani has been producing smalti and 24 k gold mosaic since 1888 in the Cannaregio district of Venice, Italy. In 2008 Orsoni was awarded the Premio Firenze Donna, Italy's prestigious cultural award.

The Master of Mosaic workshops located at the foundry are taught by Maestra Antonella Gallenda throughout the year. Participants stay at Domus Orsoni, the enchanting bed and breakfast located steps away from the mosaic studio.   


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  2. Oh what beautiful works of Art! Though the other finalists certainly earned honourable mention; I fully comprehend why Julie was chosen the top Winner. -Brenda-

    P.S: Is it not today Paul that you head to the Big Apple for the Brizo Marketing Conference? IF so, don't work too hard and oh lucky you to be going to a Jason Wu Fashion Show. Have fun!

  3. Edu-- This is a no spam zone. There is a time and a place and this is neither.

    Brenda-- I leave tomorrow morning, thanks for the good wishes. I will be poring the whole time I'm gone. Stay tuned!

  4. Have a great trip Paul - It was wonderful to see you early this week!

    Julie Richey deserves that award. Nightshirt is a stunning creation and I would love to see it in person sometime.

  5. Thanks David, it was good to sit and talk face to face for a change. And I couldn't agree more. Julie's Nightshirt was one of the first things that drew me into the world of Mosaic Art Now.

  6. That Lucio Orsoni -- he sure knows how to pick 'em. Nightshirt IS divine as is its creator, Julie Richie. This is the right award going to the right artist at the right time. I love karma!


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