30 September 2009

More lighting fun with Kichler's Design Pro LEDs

Last January, I wrote two posts introducing Kichler's Design Pro LED lighting. You can read them here and here. Back then, the Pro series had to two models of under cabinet lighting. What's really interesting about Kichler's Design Pro LED lighting series is that the warm, white light they produce is similar to the light produced by an incandescent bulb. The similarities stop there though. The LEDs used in Kichler's Design Pro lights uses 75% less electricity and each bulb is rated with a 40,000 hour lifespan. That's 20 years. The energy and replacement light bulb savings over the course of 20 years makes the initial cost of LED lights a bargain.

Kichler just added onto the Design Pro series in the form of these rail lights.

The first is a modern, urban four-light rail. It's available in a brushed nickel finish with a white glass shade. Each light along the rail swivels independently.

And the second is a more transitional four-light rail. It's available in the brushed nickel finish with white glass as well as in an Olde Bronze finish with a light umber glass shade. As with its more modern cousin, each light swivels independently on this fixture.

Here's the more modern rail in a bathroom, and you can see the independent swiveling in action. That these lights can be positioned independently is the key feature here. This means that you can use the rail fixtures above an island with the shades positioned for reading the newspaper, or in the kitchen, trained toward a counter for food preparation. Each shade swivels 90 degrees and rotates up to 359 degrees. Each model has the same dimensions, 42-and-a-half inches in length, four-and-a-half inches in width and nine inches in height. These are substantial fixtures that when when placed properly, will provide years of proper lighting.

These are great features and that's a huge amount of light coming out of an LED. Kichler is really onto something with this Pro series. These lights are available at independent lighting showrooms and you can learn more about them on Kichler's website.

Rachele from The Conscious Kitchen installed Kichler's Design Pro LED under cabinet lights in her recent and beautiful kitchen renovation. I wonder what it would take to get her to weigh in with an opinion about them... Rachele?


  1. I love my Kichler undercabinet LED lights! The light is very "true" without any strong cast of cool or warm. I have three brightness settings -- the brightest of which is quite bright and great for my counter tasks, the lowest of which is a dim mood light. The light casts evenly across my counter without any pooling and is always very cool to touch (this is a big point for me). And finally, there is no real electrical work required for installation, so as a homeowner I was able to install this myself (just drilled a few screws). The lights are expensive, but pay for themselves if you consider the length of their service as well as the fact you don't need to pay an electrician!

    Are the LED fixtures on the rail dimmable? I am thinking this might be a solution for some lighting issues in my living room.

  2. Thanks for the comment Rachele. I don't know the answer to your question, so I just forwarded it to Kichler. I will try to get an answer for you today.

  3. Rachele, we’re glad you’re enjoying the benefits of Kichler’s Design Pro LED under cabinet lights, and thanks for your interested in the new Design Pro LED rail lights too. The rail lights are fully dimmable with most standard electric low-voltage dimmer switches, so hopefully they will meet your living room lighting needs. Please reach out to us at if we can answer any additional questions.
    Jeff Dross, Senior Product Manager – Kichler Lighting – jdross@kichler.com

  4. Thanks for the speedy response Jeff, you guys are really onto something here.

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