12 September 2009

New York day two; and what a day it's been

It is late. Again. And oh what a day. Again, many thanks to my gracious hosts from Brizo.

It was a day of firsts. I mean, not only did I go to a real runway show, I sat in the same room as Anna Wintour. Not that she noticed but still.

I was seated in the second row and the models weren't on an elevated walkway. I was right there and it was nothing like what I expected. It was loud and energetic and by the time I was five minutes into it I was really caught up in the whole scene. I still couldn't begin to describe what I saw, but the mere fact that I was there means something. In fact, Franki Durbin from Life in Venti Cup was getting quite the vicarious thrill from my being at that show today. She sent me this message on Twitter this afternoon after I sent her a couple of photos: frankidurbin @saintpetepaul OMG. Are you FRONT ROW at Jason Wu???????? You've got connections, my friend!

I don't have the heart to tell her that I met and spoke with Jason Wu at the after party.

If you're interested in reading about Jason's show this afternoon, Booth Moore from the LA Times posted this right after the show.

I met a ton of great people today. Fashion people, marketing people, PR people, advertising people, media people and beyond. It was fantastic. I'll be writing about yesterday and today for weeks and I owe it all to a really dynamic faucet company, Brizo. Thank you.


  1. I have a thousand question!!! Were the models as reputed? Statuesque? Cadaverous? Gorgeous? Did Anna Wintour crack anyone with a whip? Did you see anyone else famous? I can't wait to read the full write-up of this adventure!

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. :)

  3. Paul, thanks for the wonderful write-ups which are so engaging and flattering. We are so glad to share this experience with you and get the opportunity to meet you in person. Sounds like the rest of your weekend was equally wonderful.
    Thanks again from everyone at Brizo!
    Jai Massela

  4. Jai,

    I'm the one who needs to thank you. I cannot tell you how great an experience this was. And to think I hesitated for a sec when you guys first invited me. I was already a Brizo fan before any of this, and having the chance to sit down with you guys was priceless. I learned so much more than I thought was to be learned. Many, many thanks to your whole team. I will remain in touch.

  5. Hey Paul,

    It was such a joy meeting and talking to you at the cocktail party on Friday night. Reading your blog has given me the pleasure of enjoying it all a second time. Great writing. You have a new faithful follower. Here's to Brizo and great design! Jonelle

  6. Jonelle,

    Thanks for your comment here. I got whisked out of that party on Friday night so quickly I didn't get a chance to collect nearly enough business cards or to say proper goodbyes. Thank you again for your hospitality and your kind words. Please keep in touch and if I can ever be of service to you in the future, please don't hesitate to ask.


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