01 May 2009

Oh Silestone!

Here are some shots of a counter I just designed. It is the most complicated counter I've ever thought up, that's for sure. I have been aching to wrap something in quartz for ages, ages I tell you, and a week ago a client of rare vision decided to come along for the ride. I'd have been happy to wrap both sides of an island, and this job is that to a factor of ten. Wrapping the sides of an island is what's going on in the image at the start of this post.

The cabinetry will be a dark color like this chip.

And the counters will be White Zeus by Silestone.

This job involves a kitchen that flows into an office. 

It starts with a tall cabinet on the right and the counter flows down the side to form a desk.

From the desk, it makes a bench top over a line of suspended cabinetry.

Then it joins the counter that wraps around one side of the kitchen.

Stunning. Trying to explain this to a fabricator has been a real character builder, but this one's going to live on in infamy. I salute my new clients' good taste and his faith in me. Onward!


  1. I love the look of cabinets wrapped in countertop material -- as you saw with the island in my dream kitchen :-)

    This kitchen is going to be stunning. The desk section of countertop overlapping the next section looks awesome. I like the different heights/levels of countertop. And the dark brown wood cabinets with the white Silestone is going to be stunning.

    I hope you'll be writing "in progress" posts as this project moves along :-)

    You're welcome for the shout-outs :-)


  2. Thanks Kelly, this one's a stunner. The support structures for most of this project are to be buried in the wall and they are a marvel of engineering. Nearly all of that desk and bench are cantilevered, floating above the floor. I've never appreciated structural steel as much as I do now, I'll say that.

  3. Wow... very nice. I can imagine how much work it must have been to figure out how to support all that stone.

  4. Thanks! This project's the eighth wonder of the world. Hah!

  5. lovely and so sleek. are you going with no pulls except for the tall office cabinet?

  6. Thanks you and no, that's just me being lazy. There's a handle going on each cabinet. I'm specifying the 223 M26 in matte chrome from Schaub and Company. http://www.schaubandcompany.com/html/ital_classico.html

  7. Fantastic! I like the flow of the kitchen.
    I bet your client is a man, because its a very masculine kitchen.

  8. Masculine schmasculine, kitchens can't have a gender. My client is however, a man. Thanks for the compliment and welcome back from your vacation!

  9. That is awesome. Good job. Also - the simple-looking projects are always the most work, aren't they? :P

  10. Thanks Kelly, and yes, that's a paradox. What's simple is hard. There's just nowhere to hide with this thing. All of the support structures have to be buried in the walls. This job has an island with a HUGE floating glass bar. I'm still trying to work out the particulars of that particular defiance of the laws of physics. It's a quality problem to have!

  11. that's going to be a real work of art and I'm looking foward to seeing the finished product photos. I love the idea of merging a kitchen and office.

  12. Thanks Melody, I'm really looking forward to see this one come together too. The cabinetry installation is scheduled to start in early June, so the counters ought to be complete by the end of June. Knock on wood.

  13. "Where No Man Has Gone Before". Captain Kirk would be impressed!

    This is absolutely fantastic and most certainly will be stunning Paul. -Brenda-

  14. Thanks Brenda! And thanks too for following me to my other blog. I just found your comment there yesterday.


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