05 May 2009

Cool new mosaic blends

Aston Smith is a kitchen designer based in greater New York. I follow her on Twitter and yesterday she posted a link to Susan Jablon Mosaics. I'm an easy sell though, just mention the word "mosaic" and I'm all yours.

However, nothing prepared me for the selections available from Susan Jablon. If you can imagine it as a mosaic, Susan Jablon Mosaics either has it or will find it. Wow.

Best of all, they have a custom blend tool on their website. I made the three mosaic blends on this post about a half an hour ago. Not only can you make blends to your heart's delight, their custom blend tool prices as you work. Using it, you can see the square foot cost of the fruits of your imagination. You can even buy single, square foot samples. Susan Jablon, where have you been all my life?! Bravo! Don't believe me? Go play around with that blend tool. You'll be hooked.


  1. Paul,
    Love these examples of mosaics - they are so pretty!

  2. I swear, that site has everything!

  3. Sweet!! I love the first mosaic you designed -- would look fantastic in a contemporary kitchen. Of course, now I have to check out the web site and design a few mosaics of my own!! :-)

    I've tried using the duvet clips in the link you posted on our blog -- they didn't work for me :-( I think I may be more aggressive with my duvet than the clips can handle!! ;-)


  4. You'll get lost for hours with that mosaic tool Kelly, you have been warned. So far as the clips go, one of these days I'm going to put together a how-to video of my revolutionary way to put on a duvet cover. One of these days...

  5. Paul, yes, I can see where one could get lost for hours looking at this site. I plan to return when I have more time. ...susan

  6. Thanks for the links Paul. Shall have a look later.


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