09 May 2009

The results of my moonlighting

This is a stray dog that was sacked out in a walkway of the Stabian baths in Pompeii. I swear, Pompeii is lousy with stray dogs. It's the strangest thing.

The great Franki Durbin took the week off from her equally great blog, Life in a Venti Cup. I stepped into her fashionable shoes for the last five days and I wrote about (what else?) Italy. Franki's going to be filling in for me at some point in the next couple of months when I take off on a well-deserved vacation. Ahhhh, I can feel it already.

Anyhow, here are the links to my Life in a Venti Cup project from last week.

And with that out of my system, I think I'm done writing about Italy for a while.

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