25 May 2009

An amazing new design tool for the iPhone

I love my iPhone. I am more satisfied with it than any other electronic device I've ever owned. I have been an iPhone fan for more than a year, so this is no honeymoon. Every electronic breakthrough since the wireless radio has promised to make life easier. So far as I'm concerned, the iPhone is the first such device to deliver on that promise.

I use it for everything and I've equipped mine with everything from a plumb bob to a line level to a carpenter's calculator to a metric converter to an Italian phrasebook. The iPhone has changed how I navigate and changed my whole relationship with the information age. If it's not already obvious, I am a big fan.

Well, I'm about to become an even bigger fan. On June first, the iTunes App store is rolling out a new, free application called ColorCapture Ben. This app was developed by Benjamin Moore Paints and ColorCapture Ben will allow me to take a photograph with my phone, then zoom in on any part of that photo and color match the photographed object to any one of Benjamin Moore's 3,300 paint colors. Unbelievable.

As if that weren't enough, the app will then use the iPhone's on board GPS to locate the user and then find the closest Benjamin Moore retailer.

All I have to say is "What's a Blackberry?"


  1. Pretty and slick! Myself, i am still in the dark ages... I don't own a mobile phone. Even my Gran has one... she's hipper then me! ;)
    The ColorCapture application sounds amazing, they should put something like that in digital camera's.

  2. My God man, no mobile phone? How do you function? Considering how many more people percentage-wise carry mobiles in Europe than here, you must be a pretty significant minority. I am sure that this iPhone app is not the last we'll see of this kind of color capture technology. Cameras would be a great place to start. I wonder if anybody from Panasonic or Sony is reading this.

  3. Paul, you can add me to the minority list. Regardless that they are a remarkable electronic gadget, I really have no desire to own one but can see their benefit to someone like yourself who is in a Trade. The new 'Ben' feature is impressive!

  4. I respect your decision to sit this one out. I really do. I suppose I'm some kind of an early adopter of new technology and I'd have bought one even if it didn't help me with work. I cannot wait to see what's coming next for these things as there's a huge upgrade coming in mid-June. Woo hoo!

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  6. Where would we be without bots?

  7. I tried this, and ugh, it doesn't reproduce colors worth a hill of beans when I take a photo of something, which makes this software pretty worthless.

  8. It works better with stored photos than it does with shots taken with the on board camera. I'd never rely on it for true color matching, but it's fun to play around with. Or at least it was for the first week that I had it. I can't remember the last time I used it.


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