30 May 2009

As if the Snuggie weren't bad enough

The Snuggie's summer cousin, The Wearable Towel is here. These things are intended to be worn outside. Can you imagine? Who knows if it's a tunic or a toga and frankly who cares? And who in their right mind thinks something like this is OK to wear outside

If you need more evidence that we live in a world gone mad, here it is.


  1. Please, every retirement village pool in Fla will have a daily parade of these.

    On a side note, my mother (who lives in Fla) sent us a couple of Snuggies over the winter. My cats love them.

  2. The scene at the end where it shows the couple wearing them on the beach kills me, just kills me. Your mother sent you Snuggies over the winter? I thought you were supposed to wear them to football games like it shows in their ads.

  3. Oh my... I cannot imagine seeing my neighbor getting the newspaper dressed as if he were going to a toga party.

  4. What's wrong with a bathrobe?


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