20 May 2009

The Natalie Blake collection from Ann Sacks

A little more than a week ago I reported on the tile mosaics of a ceramics artist named Natalie Blake. The offerings of Natalie Blake Studios are beautiful and original and I'm not the only one who noticed, believe me.

No less than Ann Sacks has picked up three of Natalie's designs and they are now available from Ann Sacks showrooms and authorized dealers nationwide. The series Dahlia and Nautilus can be used individually or as a vertical or horizontal mural. The third series, Botanical, is available in 20 colors and can be used individually or as a group.

Natalie's utilizes an old art form called S'graffato, that's Italian for scratched. She doesn't use molds or dies, rather each tile is sculpted and then the design is hand-impressed in the surface. Her offerings are beautiful and unique, almost like a three-dimensional wood cut.

Here's the Dahlia as a vertical mural.

Here are some details from the Dahlia.

And here's the Nautilus, also set as a vertical mural.

Here are some Naurilus detail photos.

Here are some of the individual tiles from the Botanical series.







  1. The texture and designs are beautiful! They have such depth.

  2. And only $560.00 S.F. (chokes quietly)

  3. Art isn't easy (or cheap). I'm curious to see how this school of mosaic trickles down through the market. I think of Ann Sacks as a couture line, originals cost a lot of money, but they set the tone for the rest of the industry.

  4. I saw these in person at KBIS, and they are indeed stunning. I'm not sure you mentioned the scale--i think each tile is 12 or 16 inches across. We've worked with Ann Sacks for a couple of years now--they are a great company to work with, with wonderful product development people--Natalie has made a good choice.

  5. Sara Baldwin I don't believe it. I am in love with your work! Please, I'd love to talk to you about it!


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