24 October 2008

My childhood on Ebay

Good Lord. Is there anything that nostalgia buffs won't buy?

I mean, how did this stuff become collectible?

I am flying to Pennsylvania this morning to attend my 25-year High School reunion tomorrow night. So maybe I'm sensitive to this sort of thing right now. But there was a time when this Corelle in the avocado green Spring Flower pattern was all the rage. My mother and all of her friends had it. I ate many, many toasted cheese sandwiches off of these plates. Times changed eventually, and my mother pitched all of hers in a radical fit of updating at some point in the early '90s.

It's interesting to see it again, if only to get a shiver of recognition. But to spend money on it on eBay? I guess I'm not one for nostalgia. I had a good time when I was a kid --I had a genuinely happy childhood. But I think I'm missing the impulse to try to cling to it or recreate it in my adult life.

Armed with that little scrap of self-awareness, this ought to be an interesting weekend indeed. Look out class of '83, I'm coming back to the land of my birth. So let's keep things focused on the now and keep the sentimentality to a minimum.

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