25 October 2008

More to love about Caesarstone

Ann Porter is a Kitchen Designer based in Naples, FL and she writes another great kitchen design blog called KitchAnn Style. Check it out here and she's also listed in my blogroll on the right side of this page.

I was reading Ann's blog and I came across one more thing to LOVE about Caesarstone. Several more things in fact. I mean look at these photos. Everything I'm showing you here is Caesarstone composite material. The technique that's been done here is a low relief; these damask patterns have been sandblasted into the surface of regular Caesarstone. 

This isn't something that comes from Caesarstone this way, this is a finishing technique. So the Damask patterns here are the result of a masking pattern, similar to the type of thing you'd find at Modello Design. Thank you Ann Porter for that referral too.

I'm really stunned by this and in a really good way. I see a lot of stuff in the course of plying my trade, but this is new and I love it. Remember, you want Caesarstone if you're in the market for composite counters!

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